Technology Built For Government

Many local, state, and federal agencies have chosen EDP Tech Group to modernize their online services, web presence, and communications strategies. We offer seamless digital solutions that help government actively reach, inform, and engage citizens for a better civic experience. 
Our in-house team of strategists, analysts, communicators and EDP Technology experts help governments build better citizen experiences and get more value out of our citizen-engagement technology. Technology powers change, but strategy fuels technology. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you analyze data and uncover insights, then develop and launch citizen-centric programs and campaigns to help you achieve better outcomes. Reach out to learn more! 

Website Design

Turn your static website into a mobile – first, accessible platform that can be easily customized to help citizens complete tasks and find what they need quickly more! From novice to expert, our CMS users find it easy to create and publish content, customize experiences, and optimize content for any device.

We offer:

  • Web Hosting

  • SEO/Data Analytics

  • Web Maintenance

  • Web Accessibility

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Think citizens don’t want to hear from you? Extend your reach to a wider audience and connect via email, social or text. With mounting pressure for seamless digital experiences, our integrated communications solution can help you easily connect and engage citizens.
We offer:

  • Personalized Campaigns

  • Cloud Technology For Government

  • Social Media

  • One - Click Social Posts and Text Messaging

Records Management
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Fully digitize and automate your citizen records so you can reduce errors and provide convenient citizen access and search capabilities.
We offer:

  • Secure Digital Storage

  • Automated Indexing and Redaction

  • Advanced Search Capabilities

  • Cross - Departmental Flexible Access

  • Simple Solution for Citizen Access

Digital Services
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Our firm provides residents and visitors with modern digital access to government services and transactions – all while improving staff efficiency.
We offer:

  • Integrated Contact Management

  • Self- Service Portal

  • Online Forms

  • Staff Dashboard

  • Pre-Built Services

Document Accessibility

We stand out via our niche way of making documents accessible with our team of visually impaired engineers. With our domain expertise and SMEs as well as with our novel approach of paired testing, wherein a sighted engineer works with a visually impaired engineer to test documents, we offer:

  • A turn-around time of 24 hours

  • Realistic results

  • Expedient deliverables

  • Cost and time effectiveness

Files Accessibility is one of the pioneers in making documents - Word docs, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations, accessible to everyone, irrespective of their differently-abled status. Following the laid-down accessibility guidelines, including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0), Section 508 and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), we ensure rigid compliance to make documents accessible.